Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why did Sony Pal scrap re-runs of 'Left Right Left'

The television world is acting pretty strangely these days, Now a days we hear news of TV shows being axed more than their launching. Competition is making every channel restless and if this is not enough, there are various strategies taken by channels that puts the viewers into delusional mode. Such a channel is Sony Pal. Sony Pal recently launched re-runs of their popular Soap 'Left Right Left' which used to air around 7 years ago on their sister network SAB channel. The re-run was well received and giving quite an amazing chunk of ratings to the channel but suddenly the channel has now stopped its re-runs all of a sudden. We wonder what could have happened?

Left Right Left was about six disoriented cadets coming from various walks of life to find their way in the heart of the Indian Army and seeking a change within themselves. Although the central character of the show was Naina Singh Ahluwalia (Priyanka Bassi) A rebillious vengeance filled sister who joins Kanchanjanga Military Academy to find out about the evil doers that put her brother to 'Traitor' Zone. The only support from the Academy that she gets officially is Captain Rajveer Shekhawat (Rajeev Khandelwal) who happens to be the Best friend of her Brother Navin (Samir Sharma).

The show offered an ensembled cast of youngsters like Kunal Kapoor, Vikas Manaktala, Gazal Rai, Harshad Chopra and Arjun Bijlani. With Rajeev's histronics and brilliant acting by the Youngsters made the show a runaway hit. But it lost its charm later like all other daily dramas. We can't blame much. Anyways the show deserve an applause to try something different and refreshing on TV. And viewers were really happy when their once favourite show finally made a comeback.

But the channel seems to have dashed the hopes of loyal fans. At this point, it's hard to assume if the channel would bring back the re-runs of the show or not. We can only hope that it atleast makes a complete run and end the disappointment. Hope the creatives of Sony Pal are listening. 

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